Our Sustainability Commitment
Small Efforts.
Meaningful Impacts.

Our Priorities

Carbon Negative

Become Carbon Negative

Water Positive

Become Water Positive

Zero Waste Approach

Become Zero Waste

Our Carbon Negative Approach


Direct emissions created by
our activities

Reduce emissions from the energy consumed during our production processes, example the gas and electricity we use.


Indirect emissions from the production of energy we use

Reduce indirect emissions from the production of the electricity or heat we use, say by using renewable resources for power generation


Indirect emissions from all our
other activities

Enable reduction emissions across our supply chain, from materials we use, to electricity our customers consume when using our product

Our Water Positive Approach


Reduce Water Footprint

Use less water in-house and help our customers reduce their water use


Replenish Water

Return more water to the ecosystem and help improve water levels


Increase Water Awareness

Build momentum across stakeholders to enable water positive 

Our Zero Waste Approach


Zero Waste in Operations

Reduce as much waste as we create across our direct operations, products, and packaging


Eliminate Single Waste Plastics

Eliminate single-use plastics in all primary product packaging by 2025


Drive Circular Economy

Innovate and adopt technologies to reduce waste and reuse materials