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Zero Waste Delivery of Ready Meals

With Tasteville, you have the choice of going greener than others. Choose our Zero Waste Delivery option when you place your next order and our delivery partner will unpack your order, handover your meals, and take away all our outer packaging back with them! 

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Tasteville Zero Waste Delivery - Another Australian First for Ready Meals

Ready Meal Deliveries Made Greener!

At Tasteville, we think about Sustainability in everything we do. We were the first ready meal provider in Australia to contribute directly towards climate action at no extra cost to our customers. Now we’ve proudly introduced another Australian first for ready meal deliveries.

Zero Waste Delivery!

Step #1

Choose Zero Waste Delivery at checkout

When you place your order with Tasteville, simply choose our Zero Waste Delivery Option at Checkout. If possible, leave a note with your order, with safest spot for our Delivery Partners to park.

Zero Waste Delivery - Step #1: Choose at Checkout
Zero Waste Delivery - Step #2: Meet Delivery Partner

Step #2

Meet our Delivery Partner In-Person

Plan your day using the estimated delivery time we provide via SMS. Track your Delivery minute-by-minute using our Live Tracking link we send for all our deliveries, and meet our delivery partner when they arrive at your door.

Step #3

Delivery Partner finds Safe Parking

Wait for our Delivery Partner to safely park their vehicle. Or, if there is a spot for them to park in your driveway or guest parking in your apartment, help them with safe parking.

Zero Waste Delivery - Step #3: Safe Delivery Parking
Zero Waste Delivery - Step #4: Unboxing

Step #4

Collect your Tasteville Meals

Our Delivery Partner will unbox your delivery, carefully handover your Tasteville ready meals safely, and take away all the outer packaging with them! 

That is it!

Be proud of our achievement together

Enjoy your Tasteville ready meals, knowing together we’ve done what no one else in Australia have done it better for our planet, when it comes to prepared ready meals.

Zero Waste Delivery - Step #5: Enjoying the meals

Frequently Asked Questions about our Zero Waste Delivery

At this point in time, we are offering Zero Waste Delivery for FREE as an introductory offer to all our customers (our normal door delivery charges still apply).

We incur additional costs for the additional time our delivery partners spend to fulfil a Zero Waste Delivery compared to our Standard Door Delivery. Re-using the outer packaging does not fully offset the additional costs we incur. 

We therefore reserve the right to withdraw the introductory FREE offer for Zero Waste Delivery at any time. When this becomes the case, any additional charges will be shown clearly at checkout, before you place your order.

Tasteville Zero Waste Delivery applies to the following.

  1. All cardboard outer packaging boxes.
  2. Any eco-friendly climate control aids that come with the outer packaging.
  3. Any eco-friendly void fill made of paper that may come with the outer packaging.
  4. All orders placed online via only and where you choose the Zero Waste Delivery by actively selecting this option during checkout.

Our Zero Waste Delivery does NOT apply to the following. We recommend that you recycle them in your household recycling bin.

  1. 100% Recyclable Meal Boxes in which your Tasteville Meals come in.
  2. 100% Recyclable films which are used to seal the Recyclable Meal Boxes.
  3. 100% Recyclable Cardboard sleeves that come with our Recyclable Meal Boxes.

Additionally, Tasteville Zero Waste Delivery does NOT apply to the following orders.

  1. Any purchases made at our retail locations.

With our Standard Door Delivery, your delivery will be safely left at your door, if your premises is unattended. 

Tasteville Zero Waste Delivery is an option where, instead of leaving the delivery with you, or at your door if your premises is attended, our delivery partner will unbox the delivery, handover your Tasteville meals and take away the outer packaging with them, subject to you being able to meet them in-person and they being able to safely park their vehicle.

No worries at all. Simply email our customer service team, using the email address at the bottom of your tax invoice and our team will take care of this for you.

If, for any reason you can’t meet our Tasteville Delivery Partner, don’t worry, they will revert to Standard Door Delivery and leave your delivery untouched and unopened, at a safe spot at your place.

Sometimes, our Delivery Partners will be need to park quickly, say in 5-min parking spots, to fulfil the delivery. In such cases, they will revert to Standard Door Delivery and leave your delivery untouched and unopened, at a safe spot at your place.

  1. All our Delivery Partners are fully vaccinated with the latest vaccine booster dose available.
  2. They will spend the least amount of time possible at the time of your Zero Waste Delivery.
  3. Where social distancing is not possible, they will wear a face mask while interacting with you.
  4. You can request for them to safely unpack and leave your Tasteville meals at your designated spot while you watch. You can then transfer them to your home once they leave your premises. 
  1. We re-use packaging from successfully completed Zero Waste Deliveries, for subsequent Zero Waste Deliveries, since these will be handled only by our staff and our Delivery Partners.
  2. We will NOT re-use packaging from Zero Waste Delivery for Standard Door Delivery. You can be assured that if you do not choose our Zero Waste Delivery at checkout, your Standard Door Delivery will use brand new packaging materials only.
  3. We will re-use packaging that was returned from a previous Standard Door Delivery for Zero Waste Delivery, only if they are structurally safe, and clean to match our strict requirements. Any eco-friendly ice packs that are returned will be sanitised before they are re-used. All paper and cardboard items will be re-used ‘as-is’, as long as they meet our strict cleanliness and structural integrity requirements.

Yes! You absolutely can! Remember to select an option that includes ‘Collect Previous’ at Checkout.

Yes! We are here to do everything we can to keep this part of our shopping with Tasteville ‘circular’. Therefore, you absolutely can do this!

If you have the packaging from your previous Tasteville orders you would like us to collect, while still wanting a Standard Door Delivery with your current order, remember to do the following.

  1. Select ‘Standard Door Delivery + Collect Previous’ option at Checkout. We will NOT be doing a Zero Waste Delivery for this order, but will collect the outer packaging from a previous Standard Door Delivery.
  2. Leave the outer packaging at your door safely protected from elements.
  3. Our delivery partner will safely do a Standard Door Delivery and collect the packaging from previous Standard Door Delivery.

We understand Zero Waste Deliveries are not always possible, as much as we wish for them. 

All our deliveries are packed with least amount of tape possible.

With the Outer Packaging: Take care to cut the tape safely both at the top as well as the bottom, flatten the box and store safely in a dry place till you can return the packaging.

With the Climate Control Aids:

  1. If your delivery comes with our eco-friendly gel ice-packs, leave them out, for them to dry naturally in a safe place. Once they are dry, store them safely along with the outer packaging. 
  2. If your delivery comes with dry ice packaging with our ‘Peace of Mind’ Delivery, simply let the dry ice sublime in open air. You don’t have to do anything else.

With void fillers: We use eco-friendly paper-based void fillers sometimes, to ensure that there is no damage during delivery. Simply flatten them and store them in a dry place along with the outer packaging.

Our friendly team is here to help with all enquiries and happy to hear any feedback you may have. Feel free to contact using the help button on this page. And our team will get back to you.

Tasteville changes the way people think about sustainably delivered prepared ready meals!

Place Your First Order and Collect a Bonus of 5000 Tasteville Rewards Points!

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