Tasteville follows the best production methods to lock-in flavour.

If frozen at peak quality, thawed foods emerge tasting better than foods frozen near the end of their useful life.

Keeping in mind ‘chilled’ ready meals that are refrigerated at production have been under refrigeration for days before you receive them, if you decide to freeze them at home after you receive them at ‘refrigerated’ temperature, their quality will be significantly different compared to meals frozen at production and delivered to you frozen.

Orders made directly at tasteville.com.au are rapidly frozen immediately after they are made, and directly delivered by Tasteville, while maintaining temperatures at or below -18° C.

Once they are delivered, you can consume frozen meals exactly as how you would consume refrigerated meals. Chuck it in a microwave oven, following the instructions.

However, frozen meals give you additional options of

  • Storing in the fridge for use when it is thawed in the next few days, or
  • Chucking it straight from our hands into your freezer until the stated ‘Best Before’ date

The choice is yours.

However, rest be assured, from our place to yours, our meals would reach your hands in best quality possible.

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