At Tasteville, we carefully review our recipes to use least allergens possible while yet ensuring to bring out that best lip-smacking flavour.

Because our recipes use our unique House Spice Blends, we control what allergens go into our meals. This means, unlike many other products in the market, Tasteville Meals can be enjoyed by most people.

Our kitchen team puts in the best care while producing your meals.

Tasteville follows the best packaging and selling practices to make our customers aware of specific allergens in Tasteville Meals.
This includes, clearly specifying the allergens on the packaging as required, and also noting them across respective product pages at our website
Allergens may still be present, as all of our products are currently produced in the same kitchen.
We therefore advise you to check the package carefully, or check our product page, for your allergens.

We’ve made it easy to filter out more than a dozen different allergens within our menu. 

Under the Shop Filters, you’ll find a list of allergens you might wish to filter. For example, if you select ‘Almond free’, the result will show all the menu items that are almond-free,

You can then proceed to add the items to your cart for purchase.

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