You will earn a minimum of 1 Tasteville Rewards point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases, with the exception of certain items like gift cards, delivery fees, and other exclusions.

While the points displayed in your account will appear as rounded numbers, rest assured that they are calculated to the nearest two decimal points behind the scenes. This ensures you receive the most accurate rewards points based on your spending.

To start earning Rewards Points at, a minimum spend of $98 is required.

Once you meet this threshold on each order, you’ll begin collecting points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards and benefits.

As a warm welcome and to celebrate your first purchase at, you will be awarded a generous bonus of 5,000 points. This one-time welcome offer is our way of showing appreciation for your patronage and will help you start collecting rewards even faster!

To promote healthier eating, you can earn 2x points on Vegan meals at This means you’ll accumulate points twice as fast when you choose vegan options!

To make your birthday even more special, add your birthdate to your Tasteville account and receive 2,000 bonus points as our gift to you.

Please note that these birthday bonus points are valid for 30 days from the date of issuance, so be sure to redeem them within this period to enjoy your well-deserved treat!

Tasteville Rewards points will not be earned on certain transactions at, including the purchase of Gift Cards, e-gift cards, and delivery charges.

Additionally, there may be specific products that do not display the number of Rewards Points you can collect. These items are also excluded from earning points.

Be sure to check the product details for any such exclusions before making a purchase.

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