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Our favorite dish

Chicken and mushrooms are a perfect blend. The wonderful sauce melts it all together in your mouth. I could easily eat 2 of these meals every time.

Chicken meat balls!

The secret here is the sauce, 100% natural with no additives or numbers.
Choice pieces of chicken make it an easy meal to eat.

The rice genuinely compliments this dish and feels so wholesome when eating it. I just love the sauce.

Dal Makhani SMALL
Timothy A.B.
Dal Makhani

This a first time for me. It went down like a treat with a spoonful of yogurt.
I reminds me of 'Stag Chilli'. Very nice with garlic Naan.

Goat meat!?

I haven't had goat since last in Indonesia. It was delicious and so is this dish.
I am still getting use to medium hot and spicy food but I really enjoy it.

Worthy to eat!

This is very yummy dish full of flavour as well


Absolutely nothing else to say, simply love it

Perfect with Basmati Rice

Particularly wholemeal Basmati for micro-wave

Another winning selection

Beautiful dish and yes, it goes quite well with a pilaf

Taste and filling

Better accompanied with Basmati white rice
I prefer to buy mine rice on a sache for microwave

Lentils - Absolutely delicious

Absolutely tasty and not chilly

Fresh and Flavoured

Incredible burst of flavour! Fresh cinnamon and herbs throughout. A very tasty and nutritious meal. Ready made, vegan and 100% gluten free! A delicious menu staple.

Delicious, Nutritious, Vegan and 100%Gluten Free

A delicious and nutritious ready meal, great for lunch or dinner. Ticks all the boxes being vegan and gluten free. A regular staple in my menu.

Best butter chicken I've had

I must say the butter chicken is one of my favourites by tasteville. It tastes so delicious I prefer it over any takeaway butter chicken I can get in my area.

Great flavoured lamb with cumin rice

Love the taste of the spices. The portion is just the right size. This shall be my favourite lamb dish by tasteville. Highly recommend it.

This is delicious! Love the taste and will order again.

Loved it

Loved the herb chicken. It was very tasty, authentic favours with a nice gentle heat. Will be ordering again

Great Authentic Biryani

Great flavour and a genuine spicey kick. This is a much safer and healthier option to takeouts. Definitely been a regular on our shopping list! Thanks heaps!

Awesome meatballs!

Very flavourful and pack and awesome bunch. Love the sauce too. Highly reccomended

An unforgettable burst of flavours

This is my first meal from Tasteville. Heated the pack and sat down in front of my laptop to continue working while eating like I do with any other frozen meal...After my first mouthful, I ha to move away from my laptop to relish and enjoy the meal. The meal certainly deserved a one on one time with no distractions 🙂 Freshness and burst of flavours were amazing. I am impatient to taste all the options in their menu.
Thank you

Tasty and nutritious

Tasty and nutritious

Tasty and nutritious

Tasty and nutritious

Tasty and nutritious

Tasty and nutritious

Delicious okra curry

Excellent dish!